December 23, 2011


Hello guys, 

Me on the right
My name is Farez Shah. People just call with that name even though it's kinda long. But Americans call me Shah (because I chose that name lol).  I'm now studying at The Ohio State University majoring in Civil Engineering (it's supposed to be Aero Eng but well...) 

Fyi, I'll definitely update the blog when I'm free which is only during the break. No time for blogging during school period as I'm lazy.

Mostly I'll share about my experiences being a Malaysian student in the States, my traveling experiences (I have travelled to a lot of places fyi) and just anything that I want to share. 

Contact me if you have any questions: // // fb: Shah Azman

Farez Shah


SiBudakKurus said...

next year spm ea? belajar betul2 yer..mrsm tgb hebat2 kan..hehe..btw, terharu guna header tu..hehe

Nabila Medan said...

nice blog. first time masuk blog ini. ada potensi ni. hehe.btw,salam kenal :D

winter18 said...

Eh eh kita pun MRSM jugakk . ^^ Good luck for SPM yee.